Saturday, December 17, 2011

Flower Soft Snow Globe

It's beginning to look like Christmas. Well in this card there is snow but not here in the south. I do miss the White Christmas's. So I made a Flower Soft Globe Card with snow in it. First I took the the topper and added foam dots to it for dimmension and then add the flower soft colors of sunshine yellow,black,orange, and baby blue. Added Polar White to make it a shaker card. I glued all of this into the Globe Card that Flower Soft has and then I Stamped in Blue Snowflakes all over the card used the silver peel offs around the globe added 2 snowflake Brads and a sentiment Let It Snow and have a cute card that gives me my snow I miss from back home. If you haven't made any of these shaker cards you should check out Flower Softs web site and grab some and make them they are so fun!!

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